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Feeding your garden


As part of our garden care service we offer seasonal feeds for all shrubs, trees and herbaceous perennials. These are tailored to the needs of your garden and help the growth and flowering of your plants. Gardening organically? We offer a range of approved organic alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizers.




The application of manure, compost and fertilizer to soils is essential to maintain a healthy garden. Whilst it's difficult to have too much bulky organic matter, chemical fertilizers can be overdone and it's important to asses the soil prior to application. We offer a complimentary assessment of soil quality on our first visit and will monitor nutrient levels throughout the growing season should you choose our services. As they say, timing is everything, and fertilizers are best applied in spring as the weather begins to warm and plants start growing. Application in autumn or winter is usually wasted as the nutrients are leached out of the soil before the plants have time to use them or can even cause a rush of new growth susceptible to frost and disease. If your soil is happy your plants will be happy.




A mulch of bulky organic matter such as manure, bark chips or compost is an ideal way to improve the soil, suppress weeds, retain moisture and give a decorative finish. Mulches are best applied from mid to late spring and autumn, when the soil is moist and warm. It is best to avoid applying mulches in winter and early spring as the soil is too cold, and in summer, when it will be dry. They can be applied around new plantings or to established beds and specimen plants.


Grass cutting and Lawn Care


The secret to a good lawn is a regular maintenance program. Cutting is best done at least once a week in the growing season to prevent the grass becoming too long and yellowing. Feeding in spring and autumn with a good quality lawn feed will help control perennial weeds and moss, however some problems may require more drastic action. Scarifying may look like a 'scary' process but in the long term it is essential to prevent the build up of thatch that chokes the grass and prevents nutrients reaching the roots. We can advise on improving existing lawns or whether it’s best to start again.


Weed Control


A one off 'blitz' can be enough to get a border back under control, however weeding is best done as part of a regular maintenance regime preventing problem weeds taking hold.


Hedge Trimming


The maintenance of hedges is perhaps the biggest cause of stress between neighbours, especially where Leylandii are concerned. The key to a neat and healthy hedge is regular trimming throughout the growing season. Conifers and broad leaved hedging plants are best cut in spring and autumn if more than a light trim is required. We offer a wide range of services from topping oversized conifers to rejuvenating a patchy hedge and will give you advice as to the best time to conduct works to achieve the best results.


Raised beds and New Borders built


Got a space that needs filling? We can design and create new borders and raised beds.


Tree work and Pruning


We offer a range of services from seasonal pruning and shaping, to the complete removal of problem trees and stumps. However we are not Tree Surgeons and will not tackle trees requiring specialist rope work, or trees that are more than 30cm in diameter.


Vegetable Gardens


Everyone is promoting the benefits of 'Grow-It-Yourself' and it can be a great way to provide your family with their veg, whilst being a fun family activity. We can install raised beds to suit any size, style and budget whilst giving advice on the best way to get started.


Garden Clearance and Tidy Ups


We can remove any green waste and ensure it’s disposed of and composted properly.


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General Garden Maintenance

Is your garden in need of some TLC?

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The Greenman Gardening Services N.I.


For all your gardening needs, including

mowing and lawn care, hedge trimming, planting and re-planting, weeding, leaf clearing, bed construction, tree work, pruning, and general garden



Also, if you're interested in having your very own kitchen garden we can construct your raised beds and offer you practical advice on how to successfully grow great fruit and vegetables for all your family to enjoy.



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